Richard Pickenpack
GmbH & Co. KG

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21641 Apensen
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The focus of our product range is fruit from the Altes Land region.

Together with around 100 fruit growers and 8 other marketers, we are licensed marketers of the growers' organisation M.AL.

  • Freshness
  • Quality
  • Flexibility and efficient marketing

for these characteristics M.AL. stands since many years with its unique and modern structure in the Lower Elbe region.

The particular advantage for food retailers - and hence for the consumers - results from the logistics concept of the M.AL.:

  • lean organisational and cost structure
  • direct transactions between marketer and grower

The products are obtained directly from the grower and packed and loaded within the shortest possible time. By this, interim storages which are detrimental to the quality are reduced to a minimum and the provision of natural products in top quality and freshness is ensured - without detours.

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